The Côte d'azur is just beautiful. I spent one week at this beautiful place in France. We explored St. Tropez, Cannes and a lot of wonderful beaches. The atmosphere in Cannes was really nice and exciting because of the festival. There were a lot of celebrities but unfortuntately I did not see anyone. I have to admit that I did not love St. Tropez. The reason for that is propably not in general the city because the city is really sweet and pretty but rather the people who visit St. Tropez they are often really showy, sparkish and also arrogant. The third picture shows the CHANEL house in which you can buy your clothes. It is just awesome and also a little bit too much.
That's why we also explored little villages which where really modest but even more beautiful.
I also was really sad because i did not find a prom dress at all. Do you have any advice for me where to find a beautiful prom dress?
Nevertheless I had an amazing time at the Côte d'azur and I am also really grateful for the possibility to visit such nice places!

                       Love, Victoria 

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