Last week I was in Barcelona for one day and I am already in love with this amazingly beautiful city. Me and my friends spended just a few hours in this city and we had a really good time. We just saw almost every tourist feature but we focused on eating and shopping haha :D If any of you will visit Barcelona soon I have the best advice for you. You have to visit the restaurant Flax&Kale. This restaurant is just amazing. We sat on a roof.deck with a lot of plants and flowers. The food is all organic and there are a lot of glutenfree and vegetarian food and furthermore it tastes delicious!!
Additionally I can tell you a really funny story :D I am a real allergy kid and the server seemed to recognize that really quickly. So she asked me what my allergies are and I told her that I am allergic to paprika or rather bell pepper. I think we told her that I am allergic to pepper because she did not know the word paprika :D As a consequence she told me it is almost impossible to find a dish for me.. After a while we all recognized the barriere of language.. The server always thought I am allergic to black pepper..  At the end I finally got my dish and it was amazing. I had glutenfree pasta with some tomato sauce and especially the mozzarella made of coconut milk was just amazing! I am also totally in love with the mercat de la boqueria and especially I love the smoothies right there. That's why I bought two of them and they tasted really good and fresh. The food looked so good and the colours were so beautiful and colourful. I really recommend to go to Barcelona, I will definitely come back there soon..

address of Flax&Kale: Carrer Tallers, 74B

xx, Victoria 


  1. Die Smoothies sehen soooo lecker aus.
    Dein Outfit und dazu dieser Hintergrund mit den Blumen ...Ein TRAUM <3

    Liebste Grüße
    Swantje von

  2. Super schöne Eindrücke! Ich war leider noch nie in Barcelona, möchte aber unbedingt mal hin! Und das Bild von dir vor den Blumen ist soo schön ... :)