Hi everyone ! Last week I was in San Diego.. I spent one week in a beautiful Resort and we had a lot of fun! There were many pools, a fantastic gym and beautiful nature. On monday there was a huge forest fire and I was really shocked because I never saw a fire like this before!! The fire department rescued a lot but it was really out of control.. I visited the Salk institute because of their architecture and it was insane and I was really impressed !!
I also explored la jolla ! and it was really nice we saw some sealions and they were really cute!! At the end of a beautiful day we also went to the little cafĂ© which sells natural gelato ! I decided to try dark chocolate sorbet and coconut ! It was really really good !! Now I am in LA again but I had a really really busy week !! see you soon ! 

xx, Vic 

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  1. The sea lions look really cute and I'd really like to have such a gelato right now :p