Good morning everyone! In this blogpost I want to tell you about my wonderful day in malibu. Since I work during the weekdays I love to explore new things on my weekends. Every weekend I like to plan something new.
It makes me really happy when I had a really nice weekend and I am more able to focuse on my work the following days...Last sunday I explored malibu together with two friends of mine. First we visited the country mart which was not really interesting..Then we decided to see the pier of malibu and this was a success because the pier is soo pretty and especially the view is just amazing..

On the pier there is a little and very cute restaurant called MALIBU FARM..It is reallly simple but so beautiful and elegant. Everything is white and so pretty.A perfect blogger restaurant haha :D Unfortunately the food is pretty expensive but really good though. It was kind of worth it to pay $12 for an acai bowl just because of the view and the atmosphere. Furthermore I saw a man and I am pretty sure he is an actor but I can't remember his namer or the name of the movie...(by the way I know now who he is.. Do you know the TV show Jane the virgin ? The guy I saw was the policeman who is engaged to Jane in the beginning of this show !!)

The highlight of the day was actually when we visited the EL MATADOR STATE BEACH! It is sooo amazingly beautiful! It is breathtaking..We walked down the beach and we even went to the cold water!! it was freezing! but refreshing as well.. It was a really nice moment and I will never forget how free and happy I felt when we ran into the cold water..it was absolutely amazing..I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience all these moments and adventures... I really really appreciate it..After this great day we drove home and I fell aspleep in the car because I was soo exhausted haha.. :D Later that night we went to the cheescake factory to have our weekly cheatmeal.. I love to plan one cheatmeal every week. Some weeks I am craving to eat pasta, the other week icecream or just chocolate.. This week my cheatmeal was the glutenfree godiva cheescake and it was a dream !!
To sump it up it was a really nice day and like the title of this post says: A SUNDAY WELL SPENT BRINGS A WEEK OF CONTENT ! and thats really really true !! And by the way today is Fri-yay that means the weekend starts soon..

xx, Vic 

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  1. Wow! So möchte ich meinen Sonntag auch endlich mal wieder verbringen. Ich liebe Amerika und war auch schon öfter dort. Trotzdem kriege ich einfach nicht genug davon. :)