Good moring guys! Today I will show you one of my favorite outfits at the moment and I will show you some hotspots in LA...  I really like the outfit.. it is simple with a twist :D Los Angeles is really hot at the moment !! I am really glad to live near the ocean so it is not that hot.. You certainly know the famous walls in LA.. The Melrose avenue has all the walls so I will reveal their location in this post :) 

xx, Vic 

The pink wall was actually created by Paul Smith and the address is: 8221 Melrose Avenue.. I absolutely love it, the wall is so cute and so pretty !! It is really worth it to visit the wall..It was really funny when we got there three men just cleaned it  :D when we came there it was almost empty and no one was there.. after an hour we came back again and it was full of people.. there was literally a line just to take photos..

The MADE IN LA wall is located at the Cisco Home.. the address is: 8025 Melrose Avenue.  It is really cute and really nice to see !! I really like the picture with my two cute girls..

The hollywood boulevard: Of course we visited the Walk of fame.. buuuttt I did not like it at all... I don't want to say I hate it because hate is a hard word !! but it is nothing special, it is dirty and it is  not glamorous at all.. There are just too many people and tourists... Of course you should see it but I don't need to visit it again.. To sump it up Hollywood and Downtown is not really beautiful.. I was so surprised from New York because it was so pretty and it just exceled my imagination.. and I had so big expectations but the City is more beautiful than I expected...but LA is not really impressive.. expect of the Melrose Avenue...

We had a really good acai bowl at the liquid juice bar...The address is: 8180 Melrose Avenue...The bowl was really good and we really liked the shop! Try it out !! The Melrose Avenue is really great.. It is a young and trendy quarter in Hollywood with a lot of nice shops and a lot of arts

outfit details

shoes - Stradivarius 
skirt - Brandy Melville
shirt - ZARA 
bag - MK 
sun glasses - Ray Ban


  1. So süße Bilder:) Da kommt eine richtig schöne Stimmung rüber:) Eine Frage: Wie hast du es geschafft, nach LA zu ziehen? Es ist ja nicht ganz so einfach, nach Amerika zu ziehen. Liebe Grüße, Leonie von