Hi guys!! My last weeks have been crazy busy. I am living here now already for a month and I really love it !! Especially the South Bay area I live in is just so beautiful!! I really love Venice! It is really trendy and there are a lot of young and crazy people and I love to watch them... I spent time in Venice several times now... So I decided to share a few pictures and a few hotspots with you guys ! 

If you visit Venice you have to take a picture of an in front of the V E N I C E sign !! It is really beautiful... After that you have to walk on the promenade and of course you have to take a rest at the beach.. It is really beautiful BUT I love the beach in Hermosa more haha :D 

Of course you will get hungry while exploring Venice... In my opinion the food at Venice beach is really expensive sooo lets go to ABBOT KINNEY.. There are soo many trendy restaurants.. You can enjoy the best acai bowl in the Kreation Organic !! It is soooo good and the prices are really okay.. the street is really beautiful. There are a lot of nice arts and walls and I love these walls !!!
The Butchers daughter seems to be a nice place too ! BUT it is really trendy so you have to wait for a table for an hour !! but maybe it is worth it !! I hope you like all of my pictures and I hope you are able to visit Venice soon !!

xx, Vic

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