Hi everyone! Today I am going to start a new series on my blog, which is called WHERE TO EAT IN LA.. I will present you my favorite restaurants in LA and I propably will do that as well when I am traveling. I am always searching for new restaurants and one of my biggest hobbies is to go out for lunch or dinner :D So why not share it with you
! I hope you enjoy it !! I am also the most complicated guest ever because of my allergies. Especially my bell pepper and paprika allergy is really rare.. so it is always interesting how the restaurants react on this..Some restaurants are not really cooperative but others are soo nice and caring. The first restaurant I will present you is Gracias Madre which is located in West hollywood. I will wirte the address below.

We decided to sit and eat outside and I was really impressed from the outside area! It is beautiful with the big trees, the different colors of the seats and the little black and white details.. When I am coming into a restaurant I always watch the people who eat and sit there...and I swere to you everyone was stylish and super pretty !! It is one of these instagram restaurants where you can take a lot of perfect pictures !! 

As you can see the food looks really pretty and yummy too. I will tell you what we ate in my summary below...


ATMOSPHERE: As I mentioned before the interior design is soo pretty, the waiters are super nice and the people there are super stylish. Especially the outside area is gorgeous.

QUALITY: I ordered the TOFU RANCHERO SCRAMBLE and it was soo good! I really like that everything is vegan and they have a lot of glutenfree choices as well. The tortillas were made out of corn so I could eat them and they were soo good.The black beans were my highlight! They tasted soo good. I had vegtables with a cashew pesto sauce which was a little bit too spicy for me but it was still good though...The only thing I did not like was the cappuccino with soymilk! But that's just my personal taste.

QUANTITY: The portion was actually pretty big for me especially because the cashew pesto sauce was soo spicy and I am not able to eat too much of spicy food.. But it was a really good portion.

PRICE: I payed $15 which is not cheap but also not super expansive...and in relation to the portion of the meal... I think it is acceptable.

FINAL OPINION: If you like vegan amd mexican food it should be the perfect place to eat for you. It was not the best food I ever had but it was pretty good. I loved the outside area and also the interior design.

address: 8905 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

xx, Vic 

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