Hello everyone!! I am so happy I am finally back on my blog !! I know I should post more to achieve more follower and reader and to bring my blog forward... but to be honest I was just soooo lazy and demotivated...But now I am BACK! I live in La almost 6 months now and this is a long time for me :) I always try to find places which are not visited by tourists. So my first secret place is the MELROSE TRADING POST.
It is a very crazy stylish flea market full of positive vibes and people. You definitely should check it out ! The price is $3 and that's nothing !! I swear to you, you can find the most extravagant pieces. They have a lot of vintage clothes, boho clothes, super cute jewerly, plants and art !! But honestly I am going there to check out the people ! I swear to you I could take a chair with me and just place it in the middle of the market to watch the visitors ! Everyone is so stylish and positive! Stars like Cara Delevingne love to go there too ! In fact she went there on the same day as me but I didn't see her !!! so saaad :D It is a fun place to be and hang out they have music, food and the place just has a great positive vibe!! I really recommend to check it out :) Enjoy the pictures my loves !!

xx, Vic 

address: 7850 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 

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