'' ...THE SKY IS SO BLUE IN MALIBU...'' Miley Cyrus  

Hi everyone!  Sadly, my time in LA is almost over... I completely lost my heart here at this amazing place and I am really devastated about leaving... As some of you might know I absolutely adore Malibu. It is by far my favorite place to be here in LA. My lifegoal is to own a Beachhouse right here. Especially Westward Beach is such an amazing and breathtaking Beach. It is a wide and long Beach with the typical baby blue lifeguard houses.There is also an access to a hiking trail which leads you to the top of the Point Dume Natural Preserve.. The view up there is more than awesome. I feel like Malibu is what you picture in your head when you think about California and Los Angeles. I love the good vibes of this place. Everyone is nice which is super relaxing! I was sitting on top of the Point Dume and just felt overwhelmed of happiness. That's what I love about Malibu or in general the Beach it makes me feel the happiest I can be. The Ocean has such an therapeutic inpact of me and I feel really lucky to experience this kind of happiness. 
xx, Vic 


Point Dume State Beach: 6800 Westward Beach Rd, CA 90265  

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