'' I fell in love, his name is NEW YORK'' 
I always dreamed of visiting the big apple. A year ago I visited NYC for a day and I totally fell in love with this amazing city.

This is the reason why I wanted to come back and stay for a few days.
Me and my friend Tanja had a great time in the big city. In the following I will show you some impressions and tell you more about my trip.

If you ask me Greenwich village is one of the most beautiful districts in NYC. Beautiful houses, popular restaurants and beautiful trees. Besides Carrie Bradshaw's apartment is located in this area of Manhatten.

''You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl''
Since I am propably one of the biggest gossip girl fans, I decided to visit the most popular gossip girl places (MET steps, The empire Hotel...).

The Brooklin Bridge is certainly one of the most visited places in NYC and it is indeed one of the most beautiful places.

Many people would agree that the times square is breathtaking, however I personally think that there are more beautiful areas in NYC.

I recommend visiting the world trade center monument. The architecture and the view is amazing, you definitely have to check it out whenever you visit the big apple.

 Another suggestion is to rent some bikes to explore the beautiful central park. I really didn't expect Manhatten to be so green.

I'm so in love with the yellow cabs, the usa flags, the buldings, the empire state building and the atmosphere of this city..

NYC by night on top of the empire state building.

I couln't agree more with all the Bloggers who absolutely adore SOHO. If you love cute coffee shops, beautiful streets and pretty buildings then you have to spend some time in SOHO.

There are so many popular food places in Manhatten. These are some restaurants which are super cute and most importantly the food is really good!

Food places:
1. Breakfast at ''le pain quotidienne'': the food was amazing and not only because we were hangry...
2. An italien restaurant in little Italy: It was super cute and super yummy
3. Burgers and fries at ''by Chloe'': really mouth-watering and vegan

1. shirt & skirt: H&M, shoes: addidas, bag: MK
2. shirt & pants: zara, shoes: addidas
3. blouse: H&M, shorts: zara

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment: 64 Peryy St, New York, NY 10014, USA
The Empire Hotel: 44 W 63rd St, Ne York, NY 10023, USA

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